Healing in an instant of time…

Hi, how are you?” came the voice over the telephone.  A few seconds back, I’d been sitting at my computer, trying to write a complex computer program and quite oblivious to the world.  Now the voice of a friend of mine I hadn’t seen for a couple of years comes over the telephone.  “Hello” I answered, “it’s been a while since we talked.  How are you?”

Praying Woman

She had been a continent away, from another time and place, before I had become a believer a scant few months back. With a troubled voice, she continued “Not so good.  I stopped having my period seven months ago, I’m not pregnant, and the doctors can’t tell me why.  So I’m here to consult with some specialists.”

At that moment, indignation ran through me…I blurted out “The last time we met, I was not a Christian, but I’ve been born again.  Moreover I believe Jesus can heal you.”  Silence.  I continued.  “Listen, I’ll call a friend after we’re done talking and I promise we’ll pray for you right now.  Then I’d like you to come to visit our Bible study Wednesday..will you?”  She finally speaks up..”well, OK, I will.”  I give her all the details and drop the phone.

Next, I called a friend and we prayed for about five minutes.  Intense prayer.  Afterwards, I returned to my vexatious computer program.  Later, on Wednesday, I went to pick her up from the train station.  She had this funny look in her eyes.  “Hey, how are you doing?” , I offered.  “I..I’ve got something to tell you,” she said.  “What is it?”  I asked.  “Well,” she said, “you’d never believe this, but 5 minutes after I dropped the phone, my period started!

I tried to look cool.  “Well, what did you think? I told you we we’re going to pray.”  Inside, I’m punching the air, shouting, “Yesss!!” This healing was instant, it was powerful, it was merciful, it was so God.  She was saved 30 minutes later in our Bible Study.  Sometimes, healing comes really easy, doesn’t it? Other times, not so easy.  In my next post, I’ll share some thoughts about this lady’s healing.   What’s your experience with healings?

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