Thoughts on the Florida Outpouring

Every few decades, in response to the hunger of praying men and women, revival arrives in a part of the world –  Azusa in 1906, the Welsh Revival in 1904, the Australian revivals in 1902 and 1920 and other revivals too numerous to name here.

I read a quote from Blamires that I liked, “Revivals are caught, rather than taught”.  I certainly agree (mostly) in regard to these large-scale outpourings.  However, I also believe that it is possible for individuals and churches to walk in constant revival.  One certainly does not need to wait for a massive outpouring to have a local one.  All that is involved is hunger and desperation for God.

OK, onto Florida.  If you kept up with it, you will know by now that it did not end well.  Todd Bentley, who led the meetings attended by thousands night after night for weeks on end, had personal difficulties and self-admitted shortcomings that led to his stepping down.  Shortly thereafter, the meetings ended.  Now, before I go on, I should state that I didn’t attend any of the meetings, I watched a few clips on YouTube and GodTV like many, so I cannot give a qualitative view of the happenings there. I’m more inclined to believe that God was deeply involved in it though.

It seems that some have discounted everything that occurred because of one man’s failings. To me, that is not a valid assumption.  If it was, we could discount David’s inauguration and calling after he killed Uriah and married Bathsheba.  Men and women of God fall-get over it.  To discount everything they did because they fell is faulty thinking.  All you need do is look at yourself.

What I’d to hear though, is observations from folks who went down to Brownsville and attended the meetings.  Were you blessed?  Were you healed?  What did you see?  What did God do?  Share your experiences on here and give us a deeper perspective on Brownsville, 2008.

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