Reflections from a Healing Meeting – Part 2

(continued…) At this point, everyone is on their feet. They want to see what will happen. The evangelist is completely unmoved and unbothered. In that moment, I understood the difference between faith and hope, between certainty and uncertainty, between being sure and wishing that something happens. They are a few feet from me and I see not a scintilla of doubt in the man’s face.

An act? Not a chance. A performance? Not with a 4-year old who cannot be depended upon to follow the script. What set it beyond a shadow of doubt for me was that prior to his reaching this family, I had been irritated by the young girl making these strange sounds, these formless sounds. I had wondered why her parents would not keep her under control as I tried to listen to the evangelist.

Now it struck me. Of course! They were the sounds of one who had never heard and thus, could not speak. I’d heard this before and you may have too. You know when you hear it, and that was certainly it. He cupped his hands around her ears. People are standing on chairs, craning to see. “There it goes!”, he declares. I look for “it” but it’s clear he’s the only one who sees this ‘it’. It is now so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

Ten or so rows back, a woman cannot contain herself and loudly begins to praise God, startling many…including the young girl. Instinctively, her head whips around-completely impossible to script-and she is pointing back, to this woman she could not see. I know she couldn’t, I and a hundred others were in the way. They test her with finger snaps and other sounds to everyone’s satisfaction.

There’s something that happens to crowds when God’s healing power is demonstrated. It is joy that borders on panic, although panic is not a good word. People screamed and ran around aimlessly, they stood on chairs and yelled to to each other. I have never forgotten that day. The presence of God can be felt. I don’t mean just sensed. When He is there in power, His presence can physically be felt. There were many miracles that night, some of which I will describe later. Are miracles for today? For those who believe, my answer is yes. There will always be scoffers, but they can request to be put on God’s “do not call list”. For those pressing in, more power to you. Write and share your testimonies.

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