A man called Mark

I want to write today about a man called Mark.  He worked as a security guard in the apartment block I lived in years back.  Why do I bring up Mark?  Well, because Mark was an evangelist, big-time.  Not big-time in that he preached to crowds of thousands, but big-time in that he simply preached to everyone he met.  I would often spend some time chatting with Mark in the little “guard house” and I would see him talk to everyone, high or low, rich or poor, man or woman, about Jesus.  It was remarkable to behold.

On Saturdays, he would go up into the city and preach on street corners for hours on end. Now, I know we are all meant to preach the gospel and minister to those we meet, but Mark was anointed for this. He had a spiritual calling to evangelism that I don’t have. However, we all have callings in the Body of Christ, as does Mark.  It may not be to preach on street corners like him, but God didn’t call you or I to be “sightseers” on this ride.

Never say again that you have no gift or calling.  We all do.  If you seek the Lord, he will reveal it to you.  Think about it.  He wants a return on His investment, doesn’t He?  So it is in His interest, far more than yours, to let you know your calling.  If you complete your current assignment and uproot any bitterness you may have, He’ll move you on to the next assignment. You matter to God and He wants you to take hold of that for which He took hold of you.

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