Healing Training Sessions Available in the Northeast US

Available to Train in Healing

It has been several months since I made a post on the Christian Healing Blog.  I somehow became busier than the Lord intended and time got away from me.

So I’m back now and I promise to be more attentive to those who have commented on the site and to share more of what the Lord is doing in my life and around me in the Healing area.

The main topic of this post though is that I am making myself available to conduct seminars and to train in the area of healing to churches who request it.

For now, I have to restrict it to the North-Eastern United States until I have more time to travel. Apologies to those outside this area.

The Lord has placed it on my heart to share on and to train groups who are interested in becoming more effective in healing.

I’m not an ordained minister, so let’s be clear about that.  I am a teacher by gifting, however and have been trained in healing ministry, with over 15 years of teaching, healing, and counseling ministry.

If you have a group interested in healing or you’d like a seminar on the subject, that’s the idea.

These seminars would also be accompanied by ministry, where I expect the Lord to do what He does – heal, deliver, and impart knowledge and gifts to men and women.

I cannot deal with individuals at this point, only pastors and their staff.  If you would like me to come to your church or prayer group, please let your pastor know and let them or their staff do the invite.


To come to your church, I charge NO FEES.  I also do not require love gifts.

I do require that you pay for my travel costs (car rental/train/airplane) and a hotel room (Hampton Inn/Hilton Chain) if I have to stay overnight.  If you are in my local area (Philadelphia), I’ll not stay overnight, I’ll be heading home typically.

I think that’s it.  Pastors or their staff can reach me  – Bay – at ari840@hotmail.com. I will call you and we can talk further.

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5 Responses to "Healing Training Sessions Available in the Northeast US"

  1. Shana Love says:

    Hi there,

    I was told during a Christian healing session that I am annointed to be a healer. Since I was a child, I’ve always felt like that was my calling. However, that session has not yet proven to deliver the healing that was promised to that person and I am not yet healed from my infirmities either. I’ve been seeking training as a healer but most of what I encounter is New Age. I’m dismayed yet intrigued by their testimonies of successful healing. One of the healers I came across doesn’t use Reiki or any practice that can be named. He claims to simply use the light and consciousness which is our source. Is it possible that he is tapping into Jesus, since Jesus is the way, the truth and the Light? I want to be able to receive and share the gift of healing, but only in a way that is pleasing to and serving our Lord. I know that you don’t train individuals but I wonder if you have any insight/advice that you can share or if you can refer me to a trusted person or church in Northern California.

    • Robert Knox says:

      Hi Shauna,
      Wow, I have a story that is so much like yours. I haven’t been told that I’m anointed, it’s just something that I’ve been ignoring, but can’t any longer. I went to the Christian Healing Ministries conference in New England in June 2011, and I am considering the training on Dec 5-9.
      For California, you might try Michael Evans at Wholeness Ministries (wholeness.org) – I believe that he resides in California. He spoke at the conference, and is a a good friend of CHM in Jacksonville.
      Shalom, and blessings with your gift.

  2. jujubee says:

    Go to the web page for the Christian Healing Center in Jacksonville, FL. They have conferences on healing prayer. YOu can go to the web page and learn about their healing ministries and school.

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