Does God Still Heal Today? View Part 2…

Here is Part 2 as promised…. The same woman who first walked with halting steps after being helped out of a wheelchair a few days before. Not an “unknown” (although we are all known by God), but someone who is well known.

Funny how people fight to disbelieve. It is a tough system – the world system. Unbelief and doubt are easier to settle into than faith for most. After we grow in the Word though, faith becomes easier than unbelief. In sticky situations, I always end up looking for God’s move and fully expecting it to come. It is just easier for me to believe for supernatural intervention than to drop down.

I’m sure the naysayers will step up soon. But who cares. Think about this. Jesus did numerous and spectacular miracles, none of which could be contended with. The response? They killed him.

He couldn’t (not wouldn’t, but couldn’t) do any powerful miracles in his own hometown because of their unbelief. Perhaps its like a pastor once said, grimly: “healing is not for everyone, just those who believe…” Sometimes I want to lean into that tree, but I know it is just bad widespread poor teaching that leaves the church so far short of the miracles Jesus said we would do in his Name.

Enjoy the second video..and no, it is not CGI (computer generated imagery)either.

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11 Responses to "Does God Still Heal Today? View Part 2…"

  1. My son had surgery in December of 2008 for a carodit artery tumor and all of it could not be removed due to the location. The doctors think it may be growing. I believe that God can heal my son but there are so many people that say healing is not for today. Please pray for him and tell me if you think healing is for today. God bless

    • Simon Martin says:

      I am involved with the healing ministry let me know if I can assist I am based in Shropshire, England but work in Chester. I have helped a number of people via healing – particularly children – one with cystic fibrosis, a young man with MS and his mother who had Lupus and is now fine – totally better ! It is wonderfully thrilling when healing occurs. Let me know if I can assist in any way at all with prayer etc. May God bless you and your son. Simon

      • revivalist gbemiga says:

        Pls am replying this because I no God is a healer, I have seen a lot of healing happen thru my hands. Deaf, blind,fibroids melt,sanity restored and so on but there are some cases that I have never seen any healing for example pple on wheelchair and all I have never seen them healed and I believe God for this pple,to recieve there miracle am a Nigerian can u give an advise on how to grow in the gifts of healing and miracles.

        • bay says:

          First of all, Prophet Bemiga, I think many in the US should be asking you for advice, not the other way around. If you truly have these healings and miracles occur in your ministry, then we have a lot to learn from you. I would be happy to publish some of your testimonies with as many details as you can provide.

          In regards to growth in gifts, the first thing is to “eagerly desire them”, meaning to seek them with persistence, the second is to build up your faith by praying in the Holy Spirit (in tongues) and third, to exercise your faith (‘test everything’), so that like a muscle, it will grow with exercise. It is a tough road, but you are well along it.

          Bless you.

  2. Josephine Wolfe says:

    Dear Simon (or anyone reading this who can help!),

    The issue of healing is one that I’m really struggling with. At the end of Mark’s gospel Christ tells us that those who believe will lay their hands on the sick and they will be healed. I am a Christian who believes in our Lord, and yet, when I laid my hands on my grandmother who suffers from optical degeneration nothing happened! Why is this? I feel confused and frustrated. If the Holy Spirit is living within me, and that through the gift of the Holy Spirit Christ has given us authority to heal people’s infirmities why are my attempts fruitless? Do I need special training? Is my faith deficient?

    • norman says:

      remain persistent in faith, Jesus also heals via James 5:14

    • bay says:

      Hi Josephine, I want to encourage you to keep praying for your grandmother. Many times, we have to “fight the good fight” to see results. Spend time in prayer before you minister to her and try to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice. He may move you to minister one way or another. Don’t be shy about getting people of faith around you to help also. “Where two or three are gathered…”. You know the rest.

      Training is helpful if you can study up healing. Last, I recommend Healing rooms, if you can find one in your area. I worked in one for 4 years and they are just folks like me and you who come out, devote themselves to Biblical Healing and see results. Visit one or two that are close by and get trained believes to pray. But… don’t be discouraged. We are those who “through faith and perseverance inherit the promises”. If it was easy, all believers would be doing it.

      God bless you, anoint you and may His healing manifest in your grandma.
      Bay -Editor

  3. bei chang says:

    Resume :
    Dear America government :
    Religion of America country is Christianity, same with me believe in God, Jesus& hole spirit. In the Bibly, twelve disciples and an apostle Paul saw Jesus survivor, they got hole spirit, so they can heal patients why America government do not believe God give me Hole spirit to fight all kind of ghost as patient’s cancer & depression, just one night? I will prove that Christianity have one real God, who send his son Jesus heal many patients and be nail on cross wood, Jesus blood save all human sin, and Hole spirit is live in belong his relative’ human body, which no other religion have. if America government believe I am God’ relative, please try me heal patient’s cancer now, I will save all patients in America.
    Cancer is increased growth of abnormal cells, these abnormal cell form diseases tumors, your doctor can use surgery and treatment to give rid out diseases and tumors, but root of abnormal cell cancer still in the body, it can remove, regrowth again. Do not spend money and time to research.
    The Ghost came to human body, make human become a depression and cancer, dirty spirit is root of abnormal of cells. It is enteral alive animal, but ghost scare some one, who have Hole Spirit . Please try me one night for free !!!!!!
    Name : bei-chan Chang (650)279-3559 Email: beichang@sbcglobal.net Birth day : 3/7/56 Education : Long Beach State University, Electrical Engineer
    Special research : Relationship between human with God, Jesus, Hole spirit, Sedan, Demons, Angels,
    God is love, Sedan is hate, I choose love God & help people, Sedan destroy my health, metal, money, I lost memory, and become an idiot, all brother, parent , relative, church numbers, friend and people slogged me 30 years, and pained for my children and family. Right now, God give me Hole spirit power to fight all kind ghosts.
    Graduation: demon slogged me for 30 years from 1984 to Aug/ 2013, right now, I have Hole Spirit in my soul and true love. I know cancer is dirty spirit, depression is demon. only I can heal.
    Major : all kind of cancer, I will heal in only one night sleeping, no medication & treatment need. All kind of depression, one night heal, but take six months be normal, no medication & treatment need, demon and dirty spirit will run away from patient body In one night sleeping.
    No opportunity : I send two times resume already to America white house, America cancer center, America cancer society center, Kaiser, Stanford, and all local cancer center, hundred Chinese Christ church, Taiwan government, China government in two year, no one response, because Taiwan government religion is Buddhism, China government is believe himself, and all cancer research canter need people done money ,if I can heal patient ‘s cancer, all hospital employees will lose job, my friends, relative, brothers are Buddhism and church numbers are not believe me that I am God’s relative, so I need more experience to prove. I think over and over again, only America government can help me. Please read my true experience & career. i lost my memory & no job for thirty years, because ghost slogged me thirty years already.
    Depression of person same as an idiot, demon control their metal, symptom are lost memory, cannot sleep at night, cannot thinking, concentration, & work. Everybody slog an idiot as well. So finaliy, an idiot cannot find job, they spend all his money, only choose suicide or kill all the people. Treatment is no help. Only hole Spirit can kick ghost out, take one to six months to be normal.
    Cancer is one kind of dirty spirit, black color abnormal of cell can live human body inside everywhere. So patients pain and waiting for death. Treatment & surgery are no help, because root of cancer is still there, Only hole spirit can kick cancer ghost out.
    Experience :
    My mother grant Hole Spirit, when she was sixteen years old in China, she first love give to God and married my father, and she learned true love to all the follower in the church, but one church’s follower used many way to cheat my mother all money. My mother cried and depressed every day. She almost suicide. Suddenly, my family is from rich to very poor. Demons slogged my mother and my family for thirty years and all five children kill each other . God did not wanted sew children fighting. So God built me to fight with ghosts.
    I am nine years old, Angle always help me battle with many shadow ghost at night.
    When I was 9 years old, one night my parents went to church, All my brothers were quietly doing their homework, when my oldest brother, who was looking after us all, suddenly stepped into the bedroom to go to sleep. My second and third oldest brother as well as my little brother also followed him into the bedroom to go to bed. I was the only one still up, trying to quickly finish my homework. Suddenly, I saw what appeared to be flaming ball about the size of a baseball fall into our front yard outside the living room window. Out of curiosity, my eyes followed that ball-like object and that’s when I saw one after another black human shadows run from our front yard around to the back of our home. I thought it might be some robbers and then heard the sound of crying, then giggling, then talking. The sounds began softly and then slowly became louder and louder. The sounds filled me with terror and I was scared to death. I immediately ran as fast as I could straight into the bedroom. I fiercely tugged and pulled on all my brothers, but they slept like a pig, snorting loudly.

    I was so filled with fear that my whole body broke out into a sweat. When I thought about what it must be like to face death, from the bottom of my heart, I cried out for my mom to quickly come home and save me. I intently listened to these noises and the crying sound in the front yard sounded like the cries of both a nursing mother and her child. These cries were filled with great sadness. In our back yard which was close by the bathroom, I saw the black shadow of a small child gleefully playing soccer. In the living room, I heard adults talking to each other. Suddenly, there was a mischievous little demon running across the floor, running in and running out of the room, opening the screen door of our living room making shrieking noises. This mischievous little demon then ran into my dad’s bamboo bed and started to violently shake the bamboo bed, making more shrieking sounds. Then I started to feel like I heard the slow footsteps of the mischievous little demon enter into the children’s bedroom. Once I saw the head of the black shadow of the mischievous little demon enter into the door of our bedroom, my soul belted out: “Mommy, save me!” Suddenly, there was an intense power and sound that sprang from within me that cried, “Do not fear, do not fear, rush toward it, rush toward it!” So I aligned my body to the feet of the black shadow and fiercely rushed towards it, hoping to grab the feet of the little demon and use my teeth to bite that demon as I screamed hoarsely, “Ahhhhhhhhh!” All the sounds suddenly became completely quiet and three minutes later, a sound once more entered into the living room. Once more, I rushed into the living room and made a tae kwon do fighting pose. The sounds and black shadow then completely disappeared. After a few minutes, the sound came back. But I saw a whole family of black shadows standing there in my front yard crying with great sorrow; they did not dare step into my home again. After the noises completely subsided, a little while later I heard the footsteps of my parents stepping into our home. It was then that my own feelings of terror started to slowly subside as well. I quickly went to open the door to welcome my parents and then told them about my battle with the little demon. My parents just laughed and responded, “There is no such thing as demons in this world.” Then I saw all my brothers automatically get up, go to the bathroom, and then go back to bed.

    Twelve years old, I know demon & angel, so I want see God’s face in very deep believe.
    Sixteen years old, I sew God and grant Hole Spirit. So I could communicated with God and help my mother for family business, such as clear house, wash dishes, cooking food.
    Twenty three years old, I immigrant to America. One day Angel told me three times said : God want visit me. Second day, Angel told me six times said : God want visit me. Third day, Angel told me nine times : God want visit me. That night, when I started to read the Bible, suddenly it was as it a window opened up at the top of my head, and the sounds of beautiful music like a bubbling fountain seemed to flow in an unceasing and stream from my head to my belly, more than ten angels around me sing the music, then what followed was like a movie play a sea-clear glass well was inserted between two upper a paradise and down a hade. One big angel told to me : if you learn true love to your neighbor, your soul will come to paradise, if you do not learn true love, I will throw your soul to fire lake for six thousand years.

    Twenty five years old, I start learn true love, help repair followers auto car, teach how to drive a car to pass driver license, and so many and many.

    Twenty eight years old, demon destroy my mental which lose my memory, mental so pain, demon, my parent, my brothers, followers, relatives, friends, coworkers slogged me, I lost my electrical engineer job, no more money paid for rent. I wanted suicide because demon controlled my metal,

    Thirty one years old, I still continue help so many followers, I used true love to fight demon, who lived inside my metal. One night, I won the battle, I sew all angels in the heaven were celebrated, and I sew human souls in the paradise were celebrated, more ten angle around me sing the sound and celebration my victory, one angel gave me one wife to take care me, that time I was so poor and lost memory.

    My carrier
    The healing of a Demon-possessed Man
    In the middle of the night when I was 24,My house was half rent to my mother’s church friend, because my parent immigrant to America. At midnight, I was woken up by a loud wailing sound. I heard the hasty footsteps of the his wife going upstairs, then downstairs. I quickly went down to see what was going on. I notice the husband vigorously chugging one cup of milk after another. After finishing his one cup, he would cry out that he was still thirsty. Often, her husband would cry out, “Don’t take me captive and cast me into lowest level of Hell!” He behaved like a five-year-old child, sometimes crying, sometimes making a big fuss, other times laughing. He even wet his pants and made a mess on the floor; no one could control him.
    The next 7 o’clock morning, Call church’s poster came to help, but no work, her husband suddenly leapt up toward his wife and started grabbing his wife’s neck, exclaiming, “You are a demon!” When I saw how the wife was struggling and swayed her head to free of his grip, I ran up to him and applied the arrest technique as well as my tae kwon do skills to pull his two hands off his wife’s neck. Suddenly, I directly into his eyes, as if I am about to punch him. He was so scared to look at me with powerful eyes and cried out, “I am scared, I am scared!” He then retreated back in small steps as I continued to take small steps towards him, as if I am determined to drive this little demon out of him, because I knew this little demon. Everybody watched the spectacle with bated breath. Suddenly, he fainted onto his bed, and everyone said in unison, “He died.” But a few moments later, he woke up and went back to a normal human being. Everything about him was completely normal. He totally forgot about what had happened to him, making humorous remarks, causing everyone to laugh. But the moment I left the room, once again, the husband started to act crazy, as he screamed and cried out loud. I once more fixed her gaze into his eyes, and again he regained normalcy. I told her wife, “Let me take care with him for a few day and my hole spirit will slowly heal him completely.” I am the one who stayed up with him for three days and nights, until he gradually started to return to a better emotional state, a state where that little demon could no longer enter into his body. He also no longer needed to take any medicine to knock him out. By the time I am completely recovered from his illness, I am over exhausted. He went back work with his company.

    Treating my brother in law’ kid very violent case of depression
    He was my brother in law’s kid, who suffered from self-isolationism from his youth. In high school, he showed even more violent and offensive tendencies, such as routinely hitting his own parents and little brother. When he got angry, he would often yell, “I’m gonna beat you to death and set this house on fire!” He often would even find delight in damaging the furniture in his house. Doctor forced him to take some medicine. He was smarter than anyone else. Once the medicine was in his mouth, somehow he would make it magically disappear. One day, at midnight, he ran into the mountains and hid there for three days taking no food. His dad spent $20 thousands of dollars to hire the FBI to go find out where he was. They found him three days later and he was then sent to live in the Kaiser hospital for a week. The doctors could not find anything wrong with him. What was even stranger was that this incident happened in November, where each night was cold and freezing. Three nights in a row, he somehow survived without eating anything, and at the same time, wearing nothing but light pajamas.
    It was just at this time when his mother was also afflicted with brain cancer, which crippled her whole body. She therefore had no way to take care of her violent son. So my wife accepted this violent boy into our home because my wife believe I can heal him. But none of my children could take this, since they were afraid that they would not know how to deal with this boy if he suddenly erupted into a violent temper. The boy also refused to take his medicine. The little demon in the boy truly was scared, I knew could cure him. But even I could not take it when the boy would violently attack my children. The first time he stepped into my home, when he looked at us, his eyes would roll upwards rather than stay in the middle. His back was severely hunched like the letter “C”, and his speech gruff like that of an eighty-year-old man. At first, he could only sleep one hour per night at my house; he spent all his other waking hours pacing back and forth in his room. He was always in a very depressed state, afraid that there were demons hiding under his bed or in the dresser. Every morning I would bring him to the sports club and he run on the machine, swim, play basketball, and soak himself in the hot springs.
    He was really working hard to improve himself. After three months, his body straightened out by itself, and he would often invite his relative’s kids to go jogging with him or play soccer with him. Not once did he ever fall over doing sports. Fortunately, he stayed with us for six months. Now, he can sleep for six hours a night and has been completely cured of his depression. Though he still suffers from a little paranoia, and it has not been an easy task to teach him about normal family etiquette and behavior. He can be extremely sensitive over the smallest matters and will still often violently quarrel with others. After each family fight, all of my family learned how to make allowances for him, be more understanding towards him, and lovingly care for him. This learning environment truly taught my family some very unique lessons.
    Our family life became very terrified. After he spoke, he would often make a coughing sound. This sound would stir up my whole family into a nervous frenzy, for we were so scared that any moment he would burst into one of his tantrums and pick up any weapon to attack us or my children. In everything we did, we had to pay extra care to do our best to take special care of him: he demanded that every meal must be fresh and tasty and would often specify which restaurant he wanted to eat. It was like we were taking care of a highly controlled emperor. I really wanted to abandon him out of our home, but this was the hardest lesson I had to learn about true love.

    Our children often instructed him regarding his relationship with my family as well as other relatives and friends. At last, he understood how people should all get along with each other, how to peacefully coexist and work with others. As he learned these lessons, the hatred in his heart towards others started to subside more and more. He also started making major strides in recovering from self-isolationism. So his life became increasingly more normal as the days went on. After a few months to a year, he would soon be completely cured of his depression. When he looked at others now, his eyeballs would stay centered and his back straightened out much more, so it was more of a 7 shape now. He also spoke in a more refined way now. Yet, the other children in his social circles would always look down upon him and bully him. This was truly a never-ending torment to him. Fortunately, today he is completely normal and even holds down a job.
    The night before, I secretly asked him, “Why did you run into the mountains that day?” He told me that night he heard a sound calling his name, so he followed that little demon up to the hills. He even forgot all about the freezing cold, his hunger, and slept under a tree. His mind was completely overwhelmed by his depression. He really wanted to commit suicide that night.
    I Healed my sister in law skin and born cancer
    She was retirement high school teacher in Taiwan. Her skin had growth some black abnormal of cells, specially surgery painful on her foot, but abnormal of cell is growth on her born, doctor told her: “your life no more two years ” . So she start traveled all state of American, and visited all relative, lived my house for one week, Second day morning she cried and showed me and my wife that all black abnormal of cells on the skin was gone, she scared that abnormal of cells may move and flow to blood, will become a blood cancer. She backed to Taiwan, checked by doctor, who said : been heal , So I know hole spirit healed. Easy ! just one sleep night.

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