Does God Still Heal Today? View this video.. and then View Part 2…

The most interesting thing about this video is that the normal naysayers and skeptics have had to shut their mouths about Delia Knox.  I have searched the Internet for skeptics and found none.. or perhaps none .. yet.

Here’s the deal.  Delia Knox is a well-known gospel singer who was rendered a paraplegic after a car accident 20 years ago.  Well-known is the key, so that no one can doubt the authenticity of her condition.  She is healed in this video.

Sad that you can almost hear the doubt of video-watchers (Christian, not even unbelievers)…  But wait until you see the second video…  Glory to God, it is something else!! Watch Part 1 to the end and then watch part 2!!

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6 Responses to "Does God Still Heal Today? View this video.. and then View Part 2…"

  1. Minister Dillard says:

    What a blessing to watch thank you for posting! The power of God never fails. The prayers of the righteous are never forsaken!

  2. Rock deLabateau says:

    I think Delia had been undergoing intensive physiotherapy for a few years and that she was getting better and better every day. The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival just happened to coincide with the time that Delia was ready to walk on her own and she decided that to credit her healing to a miracle would be good for her business. She is a charismatic, Christian musician afterall and her husband is a bishop. Makes perfect sense to me. I mean Christians gladly give God all the glory anytime we are healed of anything. If you are in the business of doing Christian ministry for a living, you may as well do it in a big, flashy way. It will secure a lot of speaking engagements for her and her husband for years!

    • bay says:

      You know, I deleted Rock’s comment, but had a change of heart and restored it. I think it’s instructive for Christians to read an example of the types of responses they will get from the world when God does anything. If the headache goes, it was going anyway; if the cancer leaves, it was going into remission anyway; if the disabled walks, she could walk, but preferred to wait a few months until the revival came to town.

      Who does that? I can walk, but prefer to wait until the revival meeting. Makes me giggle. Everyone who is infirm wants to be well yesterday and to take care of themselves, dress themselves, walk by themselves without being pushed in a chair …. except (according to Rock), those waiting for the “show” to come to town. Maybe it is better to share the giggles with others.

  3. God is amongst us says:

    Jesus came, performed so many Miracles but was still crucified. The most touching part was when he uttered the words “Lord, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”

    • Vasile says:

      I am so heapy to see that God is the same today tomorow and for ever. When God used me for healing a parelized women and blinds or ather sick peopele the church board started to persecution against me. I do sow many healings in Jesus Name.
      Prayse his Name.

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