A Compelling Account of a Return from Death

I watched this yesterday. While I haven’t researched it completely, it appears very compelling. Very compelling indeed.

While this account is consistent with many I have heard and seen of visiting heaven and/or hell after death (and subsequent resuscitation), I’m not in 100% agreement with everything on the Mickey’s website.

However, insofar as he believes in God, the Trinity, man’s sin, the need for repentance, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, and salvation through his blood shed for us – God bless him and thank God for His mercy.

God’s mercy is always astounding. There are accounts of the unsaved who die and then have an encounter with Jesus, repent, and are able to come back saved. Why does that happen? God only knows. Most unsaved folks don’t receive that opportunity and shouldn’t bet on it.

Well, I hope you enjoy the account as much as I did.

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  1. Ricoberto says:

    , I’d like to add another twist here:I was in my fieftis: confused and full of fear created by my need to hide from an abusive husband who really needed my voice stilled. I was in attendance at a party which also included some of my fellow church members. I was sitting across from a young couple who were passionate in their determination to follow all the rules and live just right for God. They were struggling with the fact there were so many problems in the life of their family: health issues, financial struggles and frequent crises of various nature.The stranger sitting beside me was disturbing. She kept seeing evil spirits and bad omens, gradually convincing me she must be deranged. Late into the evening, she declared she was going to heal the young couple with all the issues. She announced everyone must follow her to another room where we could form a circle and pray for the young couple. I had no intention of being a part of that group even though she was most insistent I must accompany them.Eventually my pastor’s wife stood up to join the group and motioned me forward, so I reluctantly went with them where a circle was formed and I just happened to end up with my hand on the shoulder of the young wife.The strange woman began a prayer to Jesus that was one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. Near the close of the prayer, hot coals began to surge through my veins. They began in the hand touching the young wife and slowly worked their way through my entire body. These coals were very, very hot and extremely painful. I did not know what to think.After the prayer ended, the strange woman asked if anyone had felt anything. I was slow to confirm so she made the request again, saying she normally felt something herself, but had not felt anything at all. After the young couple confirmed they had felt nothing, I went ahead and acknowledged I was still feeling the heat.In the ensuing days, I was to note that a goose egg lump in one armpit had disappeared, I quit taking sinus medicine and had a new found peacefulness about me. But the most important discovery did not occur until over five years later. The husband from whom I was hiding got wind of the fact I had been diagnosed with kidney disease and quickly set me free for fear he’d have to pay my medical bills.Some months after the divorce was final, a new round of testing determined the massive cyst in my kidney was shriveling and appeared to be going away.Do you see all the baffling turns in this? I did not pray for healing didn’t even want to be involved. I was not prayed for by another. It would seem to me, God was (1) healing my skepticism and (2) setting up the scenario which would allow me the financial backing required to retire, move to the inner city, and begin working with families so beat down by their culture that they have no concept of the words trust and hope .

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