This blog reflects my observations, reflections and learning after many years of being involved in one way or another in healing ministry.  I have served in Prayer Ministry, Healing Rooms and Homeless Ministry for over 20 combined years and have learned much of what I seek to share in this blog.

Biblical Healing is usually the “Elephant in the Room” in most of our churches, the need that is seldom addressed. What I mean is that it is usually the central issue facing most in the church; if we were to ask for a show of hands in any church on Sunday regarding those enduring a physical or emotional ailment, we would likely have 70-90% of the parishioners raise their hands.  Yet few sermons address healing and even fewer services involve ministry to the sick in any meaningful way.

The blog takes the Biblical view that God gives “good and perfect gifts”, is Jehovah Rapha, and is both willing and able to heal.  By sharing the Word regarding healing and testimonies of healing, my hope is this blog will help and encourage those who have a deep desire either to be healed or to minister healing in a more effective way.  Please share your responses to the blog entries and be blessed in your reading!

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