What True Faith Is and Is Not

I know a man who, years ago, attended a healing meeting. Faith was very high in this meeting and he received prayer for myopia or shortsightedness, as he wore glasses. As a sign of faith, later that week, he broke his glasses into little pieces and threw them into the trash. Suffice to say, he stumbled around for the next week or so and finally went and purchased another pair.

Am I saying that healing does not occur? Absolutely not! What I am saying is that presumption is NOT faith. Let’s look closely at this. His condition was myopia and this is what he asked the Lord to heal him of. Were the glasses a substitute for healing? Not in the least. What they did was to correct his eyesight, not heal it, so continuing to use his glasses was not a lack of faith, as they were not a substitute for divine healing.

I have seen people receive instant healing for their eyesight. In fact, I and a friend once prayed together and saw God do a powerful healing of eyesight that I’ll describe another day. The point here is we often confuse faith with a substitute called bravado or presumption.

Faith has nothing to do with throwing away your glasses or your diabetes medicine or another medicine you take to regulate a condition. When your healing comes, your glasses will become blurry and unwearable until you take them off. Your diabetes medicine will make you feel strange until you stop taking it. I do encourage testing after prayer if you cannot, by yourself, measure the improvement in your condition e.g., your eyesight. Trust God and do a blood test or whatever kind of test you need before you discontinue your medication. You will still be walking in faith.

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3 Responses to "What True Faith Is and Is Not"

  1. Good article… I had never really considered the difference between presumption and faith before. The fact is, if you believe you’re healed and you’re NOT, you’re actually deceived.

  2. Ricky says:

    Hi, I just read this, I’m a youth going through a very despairing time, I’ve got myopia as well, I believe God can heal me, I want him to bring me to a place where He can do that. Please pray.

  3. Light says:

    On the bible it speaks about nearsightedness 2 Peter 1 5:9 how to gain back sight I do not know except for I read lacking some attitude and forgetting past sins and that we are cleansed.

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